Numérique TV Récepteur ISDB T Complet Seg Pad TV Turner En Direct TV récepteur pour Android Téléphone Pad USB OTG Noir Brésil

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Tv Wi Fi

Sdr/dab/fm/dvb-t. Dvb t usb dongle. Photo / video / music / office file / website / camera. Mp3 tv. :128mbAndroid tv stick kodi. Smart tv. Fornorm. 8xasi (4 groups) output. 2.4g+5g hdmi wifi mirror box wifi display. 

Mini Tv Dual Core

Suitable : 1x dvb-t 1x antenna 1x remote control. Récepteur radio dab. 4.0 buit in. Ezcast a1 5g. Free sat. Monitor video wall controller. Fm+dab dvb-t. Android 5.1 mini tv stick box. Hdmi dispositif. For android/ios. Q1 wireless co-screen86*26*12/3.38*1.02*0.47". 

Bâton Android 2 Gb

Jakcom b3. Flash 128mb. 802.11b/g/n 150mbps 2.4ghz tv stick. Tv tuner pour téléphone. 256m flash. Mk809iv 1080p otg mini pc android tv stick. Adaptateur câble iphone à hdmi. Wireless display receiver dongle. Flash 128m. High quality wireless dlna wireless airplay dongle tv box. Wholesale led bar tv. S-tt-1021. 


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Welcoming Tangle the Ring-tailed lemur to the community! Was figuring out how to draw this new addition to the roster… and then did an animation instead of studying for my test today.

Planning to keep up with the IDW comics all the way through to the end… unlike Archie where I just read through all of it then stopped halfway through the Mecha Sally arch T.T

Filed under chacolachao tangle tangle the lemur idw sonic animation cute i imagined you aced the test in that case aww what a shame you missed a lot of good stuff if you stopped reading then

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